Avril Lavigne Poster – 2012 Concert

Sunday 23rd of February 2020 05:05:49 AM

by King

Poster for a 2012 Avril Lavigne Concert

Avril Lavigne Poster

Avril Lavigne Poster

Promo Flyer to advertise a 2012 Avril Lavigne Concert

| Size – approximately 11×17 inches (28x43cm)

| Price – $9.84

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Review of this concert

Is Avril Lavigne’s Black Star tour striking all the high notes?

The Canadian singer-songwriter reminded us that she’s still a fantastic songstress and she truly hit it off with followers throughout an eclectic setlist, which contained a mix of her hits/classics (think Sk8er Boi, Complicated and My Happy Ending) plus some brand-new tunes from Goodbye Lullaby.

The crowd was overjoyed when she sang What The Hell and as if it wasn’t enough, Avril took them higher with a shout-off between the fans.

Afterall, many of Avril’s tracks are upbeat / suave rock tunes and all about letting go which is precisely what her show was all about! That stated, her voice has an ethereal quality when it concerns serious songs like Alice or When You’re Gone (which I’m sure numerous fans enjoy about her) though she did get a little hoarse. Avril cleared her throat, apologizing and rapidly double-checked with fans to ask “But are you guys having a great time ?!”.

She broke me up with Stop Standing There, drawling “don’t you ever wish to just state that to men sometimes? Simply Stop Standing There! Do something please, make a step!” prior to flaunting her skills on the piano as she sang.

I only let myself be introduced to her brand-new songs (not counting songs WTH/Smile) from Goodbye Lullaby at her show and I enjoyed every bit of it. Avril has sure emerged a more matured singer/person– her tunes are more mellow (yes, there’s even more piano) however still retain her bold/candid attitude and design.

My favorites that night, however, were still the oldies – Complicated and Girlfriend.

It takes a hell of a great deal of endurance for all these tunes and the lady just kept vocal, banging on her guitar and leaping away. Hers is without a doubt the most honest/sincere concert I have actually ever before been to. While various other artists sound rehearsed (and occasionally patronizing), Avril gave it her all and was brilliant with stage banter, regularly shouting out her love for fans, getting everyone to sing along and weaving Singapore into her lyrics.


Bad Reputation (Joan Jett cover).
Black Star.
Exactly what The Hell.
Sk8er Boi.
He Wasn’t.
I Always Get What I Want.
When You’re Gone.
Stop Standing There.
I Love You.
Desire You Were Here.
Airplanes” (B.o.B cover).
My Happy Ending.
Don’t Tell Me.
I’m With You.
Repetition: What The Hell (Acapella) / Girlfriend.

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