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Sunday 23rd of February 2020 05:30:23 AM

by King

David Guetta Poster For Sale

David Guetta Nothing But The Beat

Nothing But The Beat David Guetta

Promo Flyer to advertise a David Guetta concert

| Size – approximately 11×17 inches (28x43cm)

| Price – $9.84

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David Guetta has gotta be the best freaking DJ in the world!

As the two stellar DJ’s revved up the crowd with their heart-thumping beats, this writer silently marveled at the diverse cliques present at the event. There were yuppies, college students, socialites, and representatives from the fashion and business industries-just to name a few. Indeed, only Guetta, the man responsible for taking dance music to dizzying heights, could have converged such a diverse group of people seemingly united by one goal- to let loose and PARTY THE NIGHT AWAY!

The crowd became even wilder at the stroke of midnight as laser green lights filled the stage. Finally, after hours of waiting, the two time Grammy –winning house music producer, wearing a gray top and jeans, set the arena on fire with his mind-altering electronic beats. The Paris-born Guetta, who is known for his show stopping fusion of dance and electro-pop music, began his set with the massive hit Tiitanium featuring Sia. This was followed by the master DJ’s other hits including Sexy Chick aka Sexy Bitch featuring Akon, and Turn Me On featuring Nicki Minaj.

And this Frenchman is a producer to boot.

So why was his Vector Arena show – which drew around 5500 people – not packed to the roof? Because he’s a producer – he does his work in studios late at night, rather than with a microphone in front of thousands of screaming fans. And despite being, ludicrously, billed as the #1 ranked DJ in the world – as though it were a combat sport – the public just doesn’t get that excited about behind-the-scenes men placed front-and-centre.

Before hand opening act Tim Phin played muscular house music, with his arms frequently outstretched in Christ-like poses toward the audience. Despite delivering a fine set, more coherent and cohesive that what was to come, the biggest roar was when he took the microphone to announce “I just got a text: David Guetta is on his way!”
Sure enough, not long after an elfin Frenchman trotted out to the gargantuan DJ booth, and commenced his endless gesturing: waving, clapping, and occasionally indulging in what could have been (but doubtless weren’t) misconstrued as fascist salutes.

But it’s all part of the concert experience.

Guetta spent a good sum of the night with his hands energetically pumping in the air, at some points turning his back on the entire concert, seemingly lost in his own creation. Some who are unfamiliar with Guetta and the European dance scene may have expected him to be more “involved” during his set, but those who know him are aware that he is not a technical DJ (at least not in the American way) nor is he expected to be. However, armed with an intense light show and unreleased cuts (including a rather hilarious remix of LMFAO’s hit “I’m in Miami Bitch,” replacing that sample with “I’m David Guetta Bitch”), Guetta made the show less of a DJ set and more of a concert experience, forcing more attention on the spectacle than himself.

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