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Sunday 23rd of February 2020 04:52:34 AM

by King

Death Grips Concert Poster For Sale Star Theater Portland

Death Grips Portland OR

Death Grips Star Theater

Promo Flyer to advertise a concert by Death Grips in Portland OR

| Size – approximately 11×17 inches (28x43cm)

| Price – $9.84

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Here’s the actual review of the show from Portland’s own WW.

Song after song spilled out in a sweaty torrent. A few from each of the band’s self-released mixtapes and bona fide albums, fused together by Hill’s frankly terrifying drumming. The tracks themselves were ratcheted up in both volume and intensity for maximum effect: “I’ve Seen Footage” felt like a Oi! punk band anthem in its live guise; “Lil Boy” was the sound of a hundred subwoofers overloading at once. Hill and Ride responded with steely physicality, the former attacking his kit as if he were trying to reduce it to splinters, the latter swinging around the stage like a prizefighter.

Please, please don’t make him take his face off.

There’s just really nothing like a tattooed, spidery, bearded shirtless dude a couple inches from your face screaming “Don’t make me take my face off”. But if you’ve been a fan of this off the wall hip-hop/noise project thus far, chances are you came to the show expecting something along those lines. Death Grips got all kinds of hype after their CMJ perfomance – Pitchfork highlighted it among one of the best there. But now, Seattle has witnessed the furious power of their show firsthand, and however hard we may try, pictures just aren’t going to do it justice. Regardless, we did our best, and these pictures are pretty darned cool.

And the crowd goes flipping wild!

About 10 minutes later, the show starts. Let me start by saying how that decision to move to the side of the stage turned out to be an extremely well-played move. The second Zach Hill hit the first cymbal crash, the crowd erupted into a huge wall of people falling in on each other. Death Grips started off with an extremely powerful version of Come Up and Get Me. From there they ripped through songs from all three releases. The live versions consisted of the samples playing in the background with Ride going crazy and Zach Hill banging the shit out of the drums. The raw sound of the drums live seriously made the songs so much more hype to me. And Ride sounds like an absolute maniac on the mic. I can tell you the shit that he portrays on record…he brings it to life 100%. This was definitely evident when a slightly overzealous fan, literally, got a mouthful of Ride after he thought it would be a cool idea to jump on stage and show Ride just how much he loved him. Instead of the polite demeanor that I had received earlier, this kid was met with a few punches, some pushes and a “back the fuck up.” I’m not one to celebrate violence, but I’d be a liar if I didn’t admit to laughing quite a bit at this kid getting duffed. I can’t display any sympathy for this guy because his actions clearly show that either he never bothered to read Ride’s lyrics (“I stay noided”) or he just didn’t take him seriously. I would never think that a person like Ride would be the type of cat that would be cool with getting run up on whether on the street or on stage. Unfortunately, this guy found that out the hard way.

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