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Sunday 23rd of February 2020 04:08:10 AM

by King

Almost Human Poster For Sale – Ear

Almost Human Poster - Ear

Almost Human Poster – Ear

Promo Flyer to advertise the Fox TV Series Almost Human

| Size – approximately 11×17 inches (28x43cm)

| Price – $9.84




LOW INVENTORY ITEM, (One Left), It may be pulled for auction if it does not sell by midnight >>> 3 hours 51 minutes 50 seconds << Act now to OWN this

Here’s what J.H. Wyman, the creator, had to say:

“This is a police drama. This is about hard-working, brave people on the front lines of a future that’s just a stone’s throw away, and we’re hoping that people care about them. I’m more interested in knowing about these people’s lives a la great shows like “NYPD Blue.” Nobody ever dogged it for being episodic, because the characters were serialized. You really invested in the characters. That’s what we’re angling for here.” More here

Don’t be hatin’ on robots.

The relationship between Kennex and Dorian are at the heart of this series. John battles with his dislike of androids, and the fact he is now partly one of them due to the accident he suffered a year and a half ago, with having an android partner. Now that it’s officially mandated that all human police officers must partner with an android, Kennex has no way around working with Dorian. Dorian, who is partly human, must deal with working with a partner who is averse to working with him, or any robot, and somehow find a way to gain Kennex’s trust. This aspect of the show isn’t something we haven’t seen before (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, anyone?), but what makes it seem fresh is watching Kennex struggle with the fact that he is physically similar to Dorian due to the cybernetic appendage that’s replaced his leg. More here

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