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Monday 24th of February 2020 06:33:54 PM

by King

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Movie Poster At Any Price Main White

At Any Price Movie Poster White Main

Promo Flyer to advertise the movie At Any Price

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Mr. Whipple, don’t squeeze the son.

Bahrani’s script, co-written by newcomer Hallie Elizabeth Newton, takes place in a quaint region of cornfields in Southern Iowa, where settled farmer Henry Whipple (Quaid) pressures his racecar driver son Dean (Efron) to take over the family business. Over the course of the movie, Henry slams into challenges from a number of directions: His older son leaves town on a soul-searching mission, providing the first inkling for Dean that there’s more to the world beyond dusty roads and cornfields; meanwhile, Dean prefers to focus on his career potential behind the wheel. More here

Don’t forget the sexy.

It looks really good and has received a lot of recognition at festivals already. Zac Efron has definitely successfully departed from his goodie two shoed High School Musical boy and into a serious & sexy leading man in some big name dramatic films. This movie had me at Zac Efron. Watch the trailer below! The film hits theaters later this year. More here

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