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Wednesday 26th of February 2020 03:43:28 PM

by King

For Sale Prisoners Poster – Jake Gyllenhaal Movie

Prisoners Poster - JG

Prisoners Poster – JG

Promo Flyer to advertise the movie Prisoners

| Size – approximately 11×17 inches (28x43cm)

| Price – $9.84




LOW INVENTORY ITEM, (One Left), It may be pulled for auction if it does not sell by midnight >>> 16 hours 16 minutes 32 seconds << Act now to OWN this

I’m looking forward to seeing this one.

Prepare for dark territory with Denis Villeneuve’s Prisoners, a film where one father offers his response to the question above as an increasingly mysterious case surrounding his daughter’s disappearance unfolds. In terms of tone, Prisoners is operating on the same dark level as David Fincher’s Zodiac and Roger Deakins delivers some of the best cinematography of his career, turning something as trivial as a car coming to a curbside stop into a foreboding dolly shot. Even tree bark offers up riddles of its own. More here

Check out Incendies by the same director.

A first-rate ensemble procedural with weighty themes to spare, Quebecois director Denis Villeneuve’s tense kidnapping drama “Prisoners” revolves around a familiar set of genre ingredients but lays them out with expert precision. Similar to Villeneuve’s Oscar-nominated “Incendies,” the director’s first entirely English language feature involves a high stakes investigation and a generation-sprawling mystery only made fully clear in its closing scenes, but the comparisons stop there. Before all else, Villneuve’s grim chronicle of the fallout when two young girls vanish in a small town succeeds at crafting one powerfully suspenseful moment after another. More here

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