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Sunday 23rd of February 2020 03:36:41 AM

by King

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Movie Poster The ABCs of Death Book

The ABCs of Death Movie Poster Book

Promo Flyer to advertise the movie The ABCs of Death

| Size – approximately 11×17 inches (28x43cm)

| Price – $9.84

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I feel sorry for the one who got “X”. Death by xylophone?

For those of you who don’t know what it is about, it consists of 26 short films by different directors. Each director was given a letter and $5000 to make their short. He or she had to come up with a word that describes the death depicted in their segment. In theory that sounds like a great idea that any Horror fan would love. 26 unique death scenes all strung together by some of the best directors the genre has to offer. Unfortunately that is also where the movie falls flat. Because there is no theme or even any story line to tie them all together, it just comes across as a jumbled mess. Even all the different styles of directing create too much unevenness throughout. More here

Oh, that kind of “X”.

X Is For XXL
Directed by Xavier Gens (director of Frontier[s] and Hitman)
My rating: mixed

This one–about a fat woman who decides to cut herself down to size, literally–is one that should have worked a lot better than it did. On the plus side, the gore sequences are absolutely fantastic. But on the minus side, there’s a subtext about advertising and female body image that would have been effective had Gens not decided to cram them down the audience’s throat at every free moment. More here

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