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Monday 24th of February 2020 06:37:41 PM

by King

For Sale The Culling Movie Posters Buy Here

The Culling Movie Poster

The Culling Movie Poster

Promo Flyer to advertise the movie The Culling

| Size – approximately 11×17 inches (28x43cm)

| Price – $9.84

LOW INVENTORY ITEM, (One Left), It may be pulled for auction if it does not sell by midnight >>> 13 hours 22 minutes 19 seconds << Act now to OWN this




Here’s a quick plot draft:

The Culling centers on a group of five college friends who head out of town for a fun-filled long weekend but their plans change after finding a 7-year-old girl alone at an empty cafe along the highway and have no choice but to drive her home. When they arrive at her house it’s quickly apparent they will have to stay for the night — but what’s not apparent is the evil nightmare they are about to encounter. More here

Check out these images just released at the link below.

We have been informed the indie horror film The Culling has wrapped production for Safady Entertainment and Silver Lining Media Group. And, inside, you’ll find the first photos from the film. See them here

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