ColdPlay Concert Posters

Thursday 17th of April 2014 06:24:19 PM

by King

ColdPlay Concert Poster

ColdPlay Poster – Concert
“Viva La Vida” Tour Quicken Loans Arena
October 21,2008
ColdPlay Concert Poster

ColdPlay Concert Poster

size 11 x 17 inches (28 x 43 cm) Flyer size
Price $9.99



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 LOW INVENTORY ITEM, (One Left), It may be pulled for auction if it does not sell by midnight >>> [timer] << Act now to OWN this[/countdown]

What up ColdPlay?
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Every Poster Order comes with a protective display bag and hanger.

Just like in the Video below.

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  1. get ex back spells Says:

    Can I use part of your post in my website if I link you back?

  2. Wall Posters Says:

    That´s really a very nice Coldplay poster you´ve stated here! For just $9,99 this is an absolute steal!

    Looking good!

  3. Teague Says:

    wow..really nice

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