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DethKlokDethKlok Poster metalocalypse DethKlok Concert PosterDethKlok Concert Poster Metalocalypse Mastodon DethKlok PosterMetalocalypse DethKlok Mastodon Poster

DethKlok Mastodon Concert Poster

Mastodon and DethKlok Poster In Concert

Promo Flyer to advertise a concert by DethKlok and Mastodon

| Size – approximately 11×17 inches (28x43cm)

| Price – $9.84

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DethKlok Concert Poster Showbox

Showbox DethKlok Promo

Promo Flyer to advertise the band DethKlok at the Showbox in Seattle

| Size – approximately 11×17 inches (28x43cm)

| Price – $9.84




DethKlok Ram Horn Skull

Ram Horn Skull DeathKlok

Promo Flyer to advertise the band DethKlok for their Seattle concert at the Showbox

| Size – approximately 11×17 inches (28x43cm)

| Price – $9.84




Is DethKlok a real band or cartoon?

Finally, at the decidedly non-metal time of 10 p.m. sharp (say what you will about HOB, but they get their bands to start and end on time. As a performing musician myself, you have no idea how impressive that is), Dethklok took the stage. For those of you wondering how a cartoon band could “take the stage,” Dethklok’s solution was ingenious: Have the real band play almost invisibly in the foreground, while full-length videos of the television show’s songs run on the big screen. It’s a herculean task requiring impeccable timing and musicianship, but Dethklok was up for the challenge.

Metalocalypse, zombies and mermaid violence

The animated band, however, hardly held a pose for a single second. The video projection was a montage of all things metal sped up to brainwashing speed. Many were visibly absorbed in it — standing transfixed for minutes at a time. The quick cuts of zombies, dragon fights, and mermaid violence were an invitation to imagine oneself in the world of “Metalocalypse” — where fans enthusiastically die or sustain serious injury in the name of Dethklok, who is the leading cultural force in the world — and then to shake your head and laugh at how hilariously over the top the whole thing is as the band offers its take on the health-care debate: “Pull the plug!”

But what if Dethklok really does become the leading cultural force in the world? They are already the best selling death metal act of all time. And as Small led the crowd in chanting “awaken” during a song used to conjure an ancient troll in an episode of the cartoon, it seemed equally befitting of Dethklok’s rapidly growing real-world fanbase.

Cool Heavy Metal from a music school grad

Small’s first animated series was “Home Movies” (1999-2004, the first show to air on the Adult Swim programming block on the Cartoon Network), whose main character, named Brendon, was an elementary school kid who fancied himself a great film director.

But Small is a Berklee School of Music grad and a fierce guitar player. His original pitch for “Metalocalypse” — which premiered in 2006 and features regular animated Dethklok performances, with Small voicing Dethklok’s growly singer, Nathan Explosion, among other characters, as well as leading the performance of the actual music — was basically to create an outlet for writing and playing a lot of cool heavy metal.

“When we sold the show, I said, ‘What I’d like to do is write a lot of music,’?” Small said. “If the show goes well, we’ll go in and record full-length versions of the songs.”

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