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Down Posters

Down with The Melvins
Roseland Theater August 12, 2009
Portland, Oregon
Down Concert Poster

Down Concert Poster

size 11 x 17 inches (28 x 43 cm) Flyer size
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Time remains still when it arrives to New Orleans heavy steel supergroup Down. Have this night at the Orbit Room of Grand Rapids, Michigan; it has taken six years for the band to also obtain below. Presently, with a fresh album in tow as well as a fresh point of view on their craft, the looming uniform positions towering before myself as if they have never gone off.

The sense of Down is located solely in the energy of rock ‘n reel. Larger compared to countless of their forebears and also also their contemporaries, the raw spirit of joyous hostility Down always has indeed had and constantly will possess has existed long just before the band’s bodily birth. Heating up the crowd with a selection of vintage stone clips interspersed using current touring pictures, one can easily view exactly what I’m mentioning. Down existed with Iggy and the Stooges, Black Sabbath, CCR, KISS. Down stuffed with Hendrix as well as piloted destiny ‘n Bars with Lynrd Skynrd. Down explored the seedy scene of the South with Crowbar as well as Eyehategod and also Corrosion of Conformity and blew the entire detail defenseless using Pantera. Basically, Down is actually stone ‘n roll.

As the supposed six fatal guys of Down take show business this awesome night, I am actually struck simply by only how accurate these beliefs are. Yes, overly several years have actually passed considering that Down has indeed performed considerably of anything. However I’ll be actually damned if they don’t get even more utility, heart, as well as passion than every solitary band from the meantime combined. This is the most effective gig I’ve at any time viewed!

As well as, hypothetically, it got far better be actually. Calling this evening “An Evening using Down,” the band organizes on shocking out all 3 of their cds using little current task supporting them as well as no other musical support. To be up front, the approach operates f \* cking wonders!

The band kicks details off using “Temptation’s Wings,” the track that starts uncut 1995 launching Nola and also created an entire brand-new phase in the sludge world. The performance is visceral, intense, and frankly heart-wrenching. When all is claimed and done, absolutely nothing is actually kept status.

No cd is dismissed, no choice figure went out of uncovered. “Wings,” Nola receives the cougar’s share of the evening, as well as provides the greatest seconds. “Jail,” meanwhile, frosted sh \* t out, drummer Jimmy Bower’s hypnotic rolls delivering a spellbinding background to Anselmo’s injured canine crooning.

Time stands still when this arrives to New Orleans substantial metal supergroup Down. Take this night at the Orbit Room of Grand Rapids, Michigan; this has indeed had six years for the band to perhaps even obtain right here. Now, using a new album in tow as well as a fresh point of view on their craft, the towering outfit positions high just before myself as if they have indeed certainly never gone away. Calling this night “An Evening with Down,” the band organizes on shaking out all three of their cds with little bit of recent task supporting them as well as no additional music assistance. The band kicks factors off with “Temptation’s Wings,” the song that begins unabridged 1995 launching Nola and composed an entire brand-new section in the sediment realm.

Every Poster Order comes with a protective display bag and hanger.

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