Falling in Reverse Poster – The Thug in me is You Tour

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by King

Falling In Reverse Poster

Concert Poster from the Seattle stop on the
“The Thug in me is you” tour of Falling in Reverse
October 2012

Falling in Reverse - Thug In Me is You Poster

Falling in Reverse Oct2012 Poster
Thug in me is You Tour
Price – $9.99


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The lyrics of Falling in Reverse songs come from Ronnie Radko’s background.
Things like prison, police encounters, Las Vegas crap and the death of Michael Cook
are front and canter in his songs. Ronnie says “…I’m not going to lie …
and try to write songs on how much I love somebody. I do have love, but there
will be a lot of songs about just what I’ve been through.”


Let me just point out that I’ve seen some rather heavy bands in their prime (Pantera, Metallica, Slayer) and Falling in Reverse was surprisingly massive and LOUD. Both guitarists were area on with their chops, and the bass thumped along to re-enforce all the tunes being played.

Then the drums. It truly seemed like thunder emerging from the stage right into the crowd. Piled on leading off all that was the singing of Radke. Attempting to categorize the sound of Falling in Reverse I will have to place it on the Avenged Sevenfold level in sense of rate and heaviness.

It’s the lyrics are exactly what set apart Falling in Reverse from those various other bands pointed out.

Great vocals are commonly born from agonizing events or motivation from medications or other sources. Without entering too much, Radke had actually served 2 years behind bars and throughout that time acquired solemn and tidy which is woven into all the songs that Falling in Reverse played. It’s from this source that a pleased individuality of someone who dropped everything and is climbing back, determines how to keep a degree head with all the success that will certainly be propelled upon them.

Essentially, the show was superb. great performances from all band participants, and Radke also spoke concerning his history with his previous band, Escape the Fate.

Leap on it if you obtain a chance to see them when they come to your town. On this tour, they are playing little locations where you could obtain close to the stage. Next time around, they will probably be selling out huge spheres.






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