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Sunday 29th of March 2020 11:25:34 PM

by King

Flaming Lips Concert Poster

I love the Flaming Lips. Wayne Coyne and the boys put on the best concerts ever. From the blood to the Giant Ball. Flaming Lips are a must see live.
This Flaming Lips Concert poster is also a must have for any true fan.

Concert Poster for
a Flaming Lips with Built To Spill
show near Portland Oregon
Flaming Lips Poster

Size 11 x 17 Inches (28 x 43 cm) Flyer Size
price $9.99



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the Flaming Lip’s attractions recently have actually come to be as improved as a clever marketing campaign. While their late ’90s renaissance was pushed by the art-rock symphonies on 1998s “The Soft Bulletin” and 2001s “Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots” and the lump-in-your-throat feelings that band leader Coyne has actually tapped into with his lyrics, the art of the spectacle is the medium that the team has genuinely refined. At about the exact same time as they composed their best albums, the band members acknowledged that apart from multi-instrumentalist Steven Drozd, most of the Lips are only mediocre live musicians.

To conquer this downside and to provide a mind-warping wallop in concert similarly as powerful as their recorded music, the band took technical skill from the picture. They’ve progressively shifted the emphasis of their performances to showmanship rather than fancy licks. In this way, the Lips have created a show experience that is nearly bulletproof. Long as the balloon-filled celebration keeps rolling, the happy tricks come to be more outlandish, and the team keeps a sense of younger euphoria, the Lips will continue to rank as one of rock’s best touring acts.

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