Paramore Poster – Riot! Concert Tour

Wednesday 26th of February 2020 04:10:53 PM

by King

Paramore Poster Riot! Tour Concert

Man, That Hayley Williams, really has something. She really brings it for Paramore.
Cheers! to Hayley Williams
Concert Poster for a Paramore show in KC
Paramore Poster Riot Tour

Paramore Poster Riot Tour

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for Paramore to play top 40 tunes such as “Misery Business” and the Twilight film soundtrack’s “Decode”. This was a night dedicated to diehard followers, mostly teens, as they commanded the scene at Bayfront Park singing along when the band opened with “Ignorance” and followed it with “Feeling Sorry”, which Hayley Williams disturbed mid-song to excitedly shout “I’m in Miami!”.

Absolutely nothing compared to when Paramore cranked up the guitars and banged up the drums for their third tune of the evening, “That’s What You Get” from their 2007 Platinum album Riot!. As followers began to shout and sing along, Hayley Williams playfully wagged a finger at the crowd which was already caught in a craze and questioned their energy.

Hayley Williams showed herself to be a chatterbox as she stopped most songs midway to compliment fans in Miami (” You look so great thank you for hanging out!”). And she even thanked the crowd for holding back the rain in Miami. “Every time I’m in Miami there’s a typhoon caution,” said Williams.

A standout track of the night was definitely “Decode”, which the crowd knew the words to by heart and Paramore absolutely fed off that energy. Accompanying the track with imagery behind them of a darkened forest and of their lead vocalist, the visuals were as strikingly beautiful as the song about a love surrounded by stress.

Mid-set the band went acoustic and consisted of a Loretta Lynn country songs cover of “You Ain’t Woman Enough” and the songs “When it Rains” and “Where the Lines Overlap”. Sitting atop a red sofa with a brightened lamp alongside them, this was the most intimate part of the set which made concertgoers feel like they went to a coffeehouse catching their favorite band.

Once this mored than, it was back to Hayley Williams commanding the stage with her presence and barreling with follower faves such as the fast-paced “crushcrushcrush”.

And dance they did as the concert gradually ended for the rainfall and the night magically held back from a mid-day filled with showers. When the beautiful ballad “The Only Exception” began and streaming fireworks surrounded the band’s stage wrapping it in a golden radiance, it was time for them to return and leave for a repetition that included their favorite solitary “Misery Business”. Already the crowd was praising and screaming in enjoyment, happy for a night they might invest with their bestest pop rock band.

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