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Asher Roth Posters

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

Asher Roth

Asher Roth promo Poster for “Asleep in the Bread Aisle”

Asher Roth Poster

Asher Roth Poster

Size 11 x 17 inches – 28 x 43 xm
Price $9.99



 LOW INVENTORY ITEM, (One Left), It may be pulled for auction if it does not sell by midnight >>> 18 hours 22 minutes 42 seconds << Act now to OWN this

You have to give it to Asher Roth. He has brought a much needed lighter side to the rap
game. His sense of humor was sorely needed.
Some may songs about girls and partying are childish, but when Asher Roth sings about them, no.
This poster was a promo for “Asleep in the Bread Aisle and it’s a must have for any Asher Roth fan.

Ladies as well as gentlemen, I offer you the unholy residing shit-storm of horrible that is actually Asher Roth.
If you don’t understand that Asher Roth is, enable me to start the doorway to this little ear rapist. Popped dog collars, Ugg (please will definitely this grim trend edge presently) Boots, Guido Gel-Afros, as well as card-carrying members of the ‘Future Date-rapists of America’ club, comprehensive using crooked white colored baseball caps, plaid golf pants, and also Reebok Classic Shell bests. I understood right away … this was actually going to be actually an efficiency of historical proportions.
… and also was this at any time.
Enable myself beginning through creating one stage that irritates myself greater than almost anything. Asher Roth was actually third through best invoicing for the Picnic. Third. Fucking THIRD! Given he was actually headlining the second period, but he still acquired prime real-estate on the expense. This 114 weight dick tarnish continued after Public Enemy. After! I keep informing that it is actually given that the Roots were the headliner and wagered a whole series as the home band for P.E. Immediately reversing and performing their very own set would definitely get been actually a little a lot of. However c’mon. TELEVISION on the Radio was certainly there. Their 45 moment collection need to possess been actually ample time to recuperate. But no, Flave, Chuck, and Griff, through Long Island New York, a scorching bed of rap skill, needed to play 2nd fiddle to this one key horse from Bucks County. Acknowledge you to the record mark for forcing them into exactly what was, otherwise, a good costs.
Asher was presumed to start promptly abiding by on the second stage, betting via 9:15, a straightforward 30 moment set. 8:45 went and also arrived. I went.

If you don’t recognize that Asher Roth is actually, let myself to open the doorway to this little ear rapist. I learnt promptly … this was going to be actually a performance of classical proportions.
Asher Roth was third through best payment for the Picnic. 8:45 arrived and went. I worked.

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