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Band Of Horses Poster – Concert

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Band Of Horses Concert Poster

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Band Of Horses Poster

Must have poster for any Band of Horses fan.
Band Of Horses Concert
McDonald Theatre Eugene Oregon 2009

Size 11 x 17 Inches (28 x 43 cm) Flyer Size
price $9.99



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For a group powered rather straight-forwardly by guitars, drums and keyboards, Band of Horses is a little tough to nail down musically.

On its studio releases, such as the brand-new “Mirage Rock,” the sound is an impressive cross in between Americana and indie-rock that accepts bluegrass-tinged acoustic tunes and pop-flavored carolers.

In show, evaluating from the band’s spirited efficiency on Monday at House of Blues, the sonic shadings are less subtle: Frontman Ben Bridwell and his mates were more about power than finesse in an exuberant 85 minutes that hinted at the band’s range without actually discovering it.

However, there were awesome moments, such as the opener, “For Annabelle,” with a blend of voices, steel guitar and organ that would not have actually seemed out of place on The Band’s spots 1968 cd “Music from Big Pink.”.

That one segued into “Is There a Ghost,” from 2007’s “Cease to Begin” album, which built from its hymn-like introduction into a throbbing rock rhythm. From there, the band drifted in even more of a pop direction with “The Great Salt Lake” and the breezy “Laredo.”.

On phase, the arrangements were more muscle than the studio variations, with keyboardist Ryan Monroe liable for most of the sonic decorations with his Hammond B-3 organ noises and his high harmonies.

The voices incorporated with the rhythm guitars to take the band near to Eagles region on the road track “Electric Music” and a few others. Alas, the vocal was submerged too reduced all night in a mix that favored the electric instruments.

It seemed Bridwell was having troubles hearing things on phase throughout “Knock Knock,” when he was gesturing to the band’s speakers on the phase and continuously fiddling with his in-ear displays.

However, he offered wholehearted acoustic intermissions in “Slow Cruel Hands of Time,” off the brand-new cd, and the follower preferred “The Funeral.” The latter provided the night’s finest example of the band’s capability to blend the intimate and the intense, even with a couple of technical difficulties.

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