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—-This is to give a little information about We started collecting concert posters around Portland, Oregon in 2005. We worked for the street teams who actually hung the posters and we have worked with various concert promoters. We did a lot of the promo for the 2007 Smashing Pumpkins show at the Clark County Amphitheater near Portland.

— Since then we have sold thousands of posters on Ebay and Hundreds on Amazon, while maintaining a 99.9% positive feedback rating . We have sold some truly amazing art and helped our customers acquire beautiful posters that not only look good on their walls, but those posters could earn for them some big money in the years ahead.


—One of the things we like about Concert Posters is how they strive to highlight an original piece art to advertise a concert. In our opinion the lowly concert poster is one of the main ways people, who are put off by the “Art” community, can interact with Art in a way that relevant and interesting to them.

—We are also amazed by the prices concert posters can get in the after-market. Posters from the late 60’s and early 70’s that were given away at shows now regularly fetch low 5 figures at auction.

Wow! The posters that people balled up and threw in the trash after a show are now getting thousands. Think about that for a minute. So the opportunity is there, you just need to pick right. That is what this site is about. Helping to highlight for you posters that have that potential.

Here is my email and contact info if you ever have any questions

1 541 487 5542
1731 W. Burnside
Portland, Or 97209