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by King

Our $20 Lifetime Buy Back Guarantee on all our concert posters.


The poster you purchased qualifies for our $20 lifetime buyback guarantee.  There are several reasons we do this:

** Your poster is rare. It is one of only 300 or so printed for that particular concert. Almost all of those 300 posters were hung around town (at the venue, in record stores, shop windows and on telephone poles), and were subsequently trashed, your poster is one of the few that are remaining.

Over the years, that fact means our posters should increase in value dramatically. For almost all our posters, there are only 10 to 40 left in the world.

—- Compare that to art print silkscreen posters, which have printings of 300 to 1000, and all of those posters are just dumped on the public market.


** Our posters are authentic advertising posters used to advertise that concert.  Unlike the silkscreen art print posters that are prevalent today, our posters were actually used to advertise the show.

Silkscreen art print posters are designed and printed solely for sale to the public, Silkscreen art print posters are NOT used to actually advertise the show. This reduces the resale prices of silkscreen art print posters because most real collectors consider them to be nothing more than gray-market merch, they are not authentic advertising posters.

In addition to that, because the entire runs of the silkscreen art print posters are dumped on the public all at once, the market is flooded with them, driving DOWN their resale prices. In comparison, our posters are authentic, rare and we back their resale with our own $$$, to the amount of $20 each.

***We support the aftermarket for our posters with the $20 buy back guarantee, We are the ONLY poster seller in the entire world doing this. We back the re-sale market for our posters with our own $$. We do this because our posters are rare, authentic and they WILL rise in value over the years.

To use the $20 lifetime buy back guarantee, simply mail the poster back to us, in good condition (the same condition in which we delivered it to you) and we will send you a $20 check the next day.

  LOW INVENTORY ITEM, (One Left), It may be pulled for auction if it does not sell by midnight >>> 14 hours 38 minutes 43 seconds << Act now to OWN this


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